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Self Publishing Packages

Our book publishing packages.


We publish books of all genres.

Maintain Ownership
Colorful Books

CHILDREN’S BOOKS – $3000  (Include artwork, up to 25 illustrations). We create the Best children's books.
ISBN and Bar Code
Interior Layout
Paperback or Hardback
Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online Retail 
Copyright Service (Exclude Government Fee)


PLANNERS/JOURNALS – $3500 (Does not include graphic design). We publish and produce planners.
ISBN and Bar Code
Interior Layout
Hardback (or customized spiral printing)
Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online Retail
Copyright Service (Exclude Government Fee).



Cover Design
ISBN and Bar Code
Custom Interior Layout
Paperback or Hardback Version
Amazon, Barnes & Noble Retail
Editing/Proofreading (Up to 20,000 Words)
Copyright Service (Exclude Government Fee)


Books – $5800

ISBN and Bar Code

Custom Book Cover

Custom Interior Layout (Excludes cookbook layouts, or books requiring heavy charts, graphics, images, etc. Additional fee for customized layouts).

Editing/Proofreading (Up to 60,000 Word Count – grammar corrections, proofreading, typos, and other recommendations). Does not include rewriting manuscripts.

Copyright Service (Exclude Government Fee)

200 Free Books (Paperback/Black and White)
Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online Retail







Help create a coherent, captivating narrative. Guide you, the writer, to develop an authentic body of work for the intended audience.





We will pen the work, with full ownership to you. Our job is to establish your voice, and your message, and deliver it to readers.



We provide concrete feedback and suggestions to strengthen and improve your overall manuscript.

**All services are offered, Al la Carte**.

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